For Premium Pack Owners

As a Seagate Share Pro subscriber, your GoFlex Home is enabled with MySync. MySync conveniently keeps the files you want at your fingertips, on all your computers and GoFlex Home.

  1. Running GoFlex Home firmware version 2.6 or above.
- The firmware version is available from the web interface by clicking the About link at the bottom left hand corner.
  2. To use MySync from a remote computer, port 22, 80 and 443 must be forwarded to your GoFlex Home.
- You may test the status of your port forwarding with our Port Forward Tester.
  3. MySync software is compatible with:
- Windows XP, Vista and 7
- MAC OS 10.5+

1. Download and launch the MySync client installer for MAC or PC.


2. Configure the MySync client with your GoFlex Home name, username and password.


3. Repeat steps on all pc's on which you would like your files synced.

  How To Use

MySync creates a folder on your desktop named "MySync - userame" (or "MySync - username@goflexhomename.seagateshare.com" when remote) folder for each computer on which you configure the client. A MySync folder (and accompanying recycle bin) is also placed on your GoFlex Home under the "GoFlexHome Personal" folder.

Move or copy files to the MySync folder and they will be replicated on all the computers and GoFlex Home. Update a file and the changes will be made on all the systems. It's the easiest way to keep your files up to date and always accessible.

  FAQ and Limitations
  Q: What happens when I delete a file?
A: If a file is deleted from your PC or Mac, the file will be deleted from all other computers. A copy will be placed in your MySync's Recycle Bin on the GoFlex Home.
  Q: Does MySync do file versioning?
A: MySync does not do file versioning. The last modification will be the current one.
  Q: Is MySync designed for multi-user collaboration?
A: No. There is a limitation when more than one user is editing the same file simultaneously on different computers, that file will become locked and no longer be synched.
  Q: Will MySync merge my documents if they are edited at the same time?
A: MySync will not merge documents when open and saved at the same time from multiple locations. This will cause MySync to lock the file and stop future synching of that file.
  Q: What file types are supported?
A: MySync can sync all file types.
  Q: Can I backup my entire computer with MySync?
A: MySync is not intended to be used to Sync vast amounts of data at once, or as a backup mechanism.
  Q: How many MySync accounts can I have?
A: As a Pro Pack subscriber, you get an unlimited amount of user accounts on your GoFlex Home. In turn, each of these users can use MySync with their account. It is recommended that each user has their own MySync to avoid conflicts between simultaneous users.
  Q: What happens when I rename a file/folder in my PC/Mac Sync folder.
A: Renaming a folder will rename the folder on all PCs and Macs as you would expect. There is a known issue with renaming files where it may recreate the file with the previous name as a duplicate. Current work-around is simply to delete the file that contains the previous filename.
  Q: Does the location of the MySync folder have to remain on the desktop?
A: Yes. The MySync folder must remain on your desktop. It will no longer work if moved to a different location on your PC/Mac. It will also not work if the folder is renamed.
  Q: Will an open file sync?
A: No. When a file is open it is locked and will not sync.
  Q: Is there a capacity limit to how much data can be used with MySync?
A. The MySync feature has no inherit capacity limit. The capacity limit is limited to the available free space on the GoFlex Home and all the computers you are actively syncing to.
  Q: Is there a limit to the number of computers I can have sync with MySync?
A: No. The more computers you add, the longer the sync process will take whenever you add, edit or delete files. When you add, edit or delete a file from one computer, it will first update the MySync folder on the GoFlex Home. Then the changes will be pushed out to all the other computers linked to your MySync account.
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