GoFlex Home : Factory Reset Procedure And Firmware Files
These instructions will reflash your GoFlex Home to factory, requiring you to re-configure the device.
Download the 2.7.2 firmware ZIP file containing the GoFlex Home firmware.
Format a USB key with FAT32
Extract the Zipped files to the USB key at the root level. No other files should exist on the USB key.
Gracefully remove the USB key from the PC and insert into the GoFlex Home's USB connector.
Power off your GoFlex Home, ensure power cord and Ethernet are still connected.
Remove the hard disk from the GoFlex Home.
With your GoFlex Home powered off, press the Power button and hold the Reset pin. The green light will blink immediately, followed by the white light. Release the reset pin and wait for the device to complete booting and obtains a steady green light (approximately 3-4 minutes)
Your device should now be reflashed, remove the USB key and continue with Setup
To recover your data, simply re-create the previous user accounts.
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