GoFlex Home : About Security
The Seagate Share feature provides remote access to your files and allows you to share your content with friends and family outside of your home. Files and folders are private by default. Your data is available only to those with whom you choose to share. Although your files are forwarded to the recipients you choose when sharing, no copies from your GoFlex Home are created or stored elsewhere. Your data remains safe and secure on your GoFlex Home.

If UPnP is enabled on your router, the data you choose to share transfers between GoFlex Home and the recipient's device. If UPnP is not enabled, sharing occurs through the central server and the recipient's device; however, no data or personal information is tracked or stored during or after the process.

The platform on which GoFlex Home is built is secure against hacking and prevents execution of macros or code from arbitrary third parties. You can increase the level of security by enabling firewall and WEP/WAP protection on your router.

Additionally, Seagate Share provides encrypted access to your files using a secure protocol known as Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS). All user name and password transmissions are authenticated and forced through the secure HTTPS protocol.

See for more information about security.
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